I have found that not all country roads lead to barns. Imagine my disappointment, living here in the abundant valley of the Willamette, to find that I can’t just randomly choose a road that points toward agriculture and magically come across a picturesque structure.

Having spent a few hours searching for “that picture,” has provided me with much needed exercise, helped me clear stress from my mind, and has been all-around good for me despite coming up empty-handed, photographically speaking. So, the searching is really not a waste of time.

My last ride was out Highway 22, toward Dallas. It is an ideal bike ride; the bike path is wide, there is an ample sidewalk from W.Salem to the Oak Knoll Golf Course, and the inclines are merely fun – not truly exhausting. There is one conveniently located barn between Salem and the pedestrian bridge near Rickreal RD, and I failed to get a good shot at it. I had the wrong lens, the angle through the trees was wrong, I needed to be on the other side of the street, etc. Honestly, though, I am not going to run across a busy freeway, thanks, but no thanks. I will try again soon for that one.

As I am committed to short rides right now, due to the fall weather, I did not go any further than the pedestrian bridge by the golf course and back. I did find that the pedestrian bridge was actually a rest stop for bicyclists that was dedicated to a decorated naval aviator who was also a bicycle enthusiast.

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So, what’s with the barn photo at the beginning of this post? Well, it’s one that I got a couple of excursions ago out on State Street near 63rd.