Yesterday I rode Blew out to Corban University. I have been meaning to run/walk/bike up their hills for a long time and yesterday, well yesterday was the day.


When Blew and I arrived on campus I took a few shots of the hills, and looking at them now, I can tell  you that the photos are almost lying – the hills are MUCH steeper than they look! This is at the sports entrance, just a bit North of the main entrance.

Did I ride up the hill? Run? No. I simply walked up it. This hill, the next hill and a long, long flight of stairs. After the bike ride to get to Corban, against occasional bursts of wind, my legs really enjoyed the speed walking up the hills and the stairs. SONY DSC


After a workout that I felt really good about, I got back on Blew and began to hunt for a cool structure on campus. The Willamette Valley is home to many great institutions of higher learning, i.e. OSU, U of O, WOU, Willamette University, just to list a few, and each of these institutions is sure to be home to unique structures. There were a lot of impressive buildings on campus at Corban, but yesterday I only took pictures of one. The reason being I want to motivate myself to go back, so saving “shots to get” in my notebook should keep me exercising!

In theory, of course.

This clock tower is awe-inspiring and I would like to park in the parking lot some night to see what it looks like all lit up against a dark sky.