This is a blog begun from a passion for history. The “Barns and Structures” segment comes from an appreciation for classic, hand-hewn architectural and engineering marvels. Other segments are slated to follow as we here at Willamette Valley Heritage search for items that will display the valley’s history in a visual manner. For instance, there are plans for a “Farming and Canning Implements,” page as well as a “Rods and Gears,” section. Stay tuned as we tell the Willamette Valley’s story, one post at a time.

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 So far, I am the sole author here on Willamette Valley Heritage. My favorite blogs are: Amazing Women in History, Offbeat Oregon (You’ll LOVE this one), and OH MY WORD, I LOVE THIS newspaper archive! My favorite book is “Jane Eyre,” and my favorite movie is “Shining Through.”
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